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NJK’s Summer Summit 2012 at Hadeland Glassworks.
NJK’s Summer Summit 2012 at Hadeland Glassworks.


• The Norwegian Jaguar Club (NJK) was founded on July 1st 1978 by a handful of enthusiasts. The first year, NJK recruited 30 members, a number which was doubled the year after. Today, 40 years later, we have approximately 1.000 members all over Norway plus a few abroad.

• The Club’s objective is to work for preservation of Swallow Sidecars, Saloons and Sports Cars of the marks Swallow, SS, Jaguar and Daimler produced after Jaguar’s take-over in june 1960.

New and old Jags are all welcome.
New and old Jags are all welcome.

• NJK arranges member meetings of different kinds and themes. We often let our Jaguars  take us to sites of historic and cultural value.

• May 1st every year, the great Spring Assembly is arranged at Holmen Fjordhotel near Asker, south-west of Oslo. More than 100 Jaguars participate in ”the most beautiful spring adventure”. This event is open to everyone, not just members.

• NJK arranges the annual Summer Summit in the end of May / early June.  The event is arranged at different locations in Norway. Club members come together, and members from other national clubs are of course welcome to join in. The General Assembly is held at the Summer Summit, electing the Club Board and controlling all formalities.

• Concours d’Elegance or Peoples’ Choice is being arranged at the Summer Summit each year.

• NJK publishes the magazine Jaguaren five times a year. A Club Calendar is also published every year, highlighting pictures of the members’ cars.

• Local rallies and meetings are arranged around the conutry by the NJK Regions contact persons.

• Our collective membership in LMK (National Organization of Historic Vehicles), allows all NJK members to sign a very attractive insurance.

• Everybody may become a member of NJK, whether you own a Jaguar / Daimler or not. All we claim, is your genuine interest.

• The club membership annual fee is NOK 500,–. First time registering is NOK 600,– for the first year, which includes a ”welcome package” containing issues of ”Jaguaren”, Club Pin and Club Logo Car Stickers. Family Members may also register with a bonus: NOK 200,– per year.

• To become a member: Register yourself on this website «BLI MEDLEM». At the moment, you will need the assistance from someone who knows Norwegian language. In near future we will offer an English version of this service.

Classic and modern Jaguars form the "fleet of beauty" highlighted by NJK.
Classic and modern Jaguars form the «Fleet of Beauty» highlighted by NJK.